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Backwoods Community Investment Program

Backwoods is a responsible and sustainable member of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation community.
Through targeted community investment, we strive to balance the needs of both current and future generations.
We endeavour to better the lives of all ANSN members by providing opportunities that ensure a strong mental,
physical and emotional foundation for long-term success, particularly youth.
Requests for funding should support initiatives that benefit Alexis youth through the promotion of leadership,
physical and mental health and wellness, job readiness and cultural activities.


Backwoods reviews requests that support initiatives, events and programs that can demonstrate benefit to the Alexis community, both on and off reserve.
Backwoods will consider any request within the boundaries of support outlined above as long the request can demonstrate benefit to the greater community.
Priority will be given to broad based programs and events, requests to specific individuals will not be considered. Contributions may not exceed $10,000 per request.

Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis by an internal committee composed of Backwoods employees, management, Alexis community members and directors.
Applicants will be notified within 15-30 days on the status of their funding request.

To apply, please submit a written request addressed to “Backwoods Energy Services Community Investment Committee”
via email to info@backwoodsenergy.ca with the following information:

1. Name of the initiative, event or project

2. All background information including timing, key dates, overview of the event/program

3. Name and contact information for both the organization and key contacts

4. Indicate how the proposal specifically supports youth or the Alexis community

5. Listing of any additional confirmed sponsors or financial partners

6. Specific dollar amount and associated budget

If you require assistance, please contact info@backwoodsenergy.ca.

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