Health, Safety & Environment

Our health and safety program is the foundation on which our business is built and the footing which allows us to thrive. Our employees need to feel safe to perform at optimal levels.

They need to trust and believe that our programs are designed with their safety first and foremost. Active engagement by those that do the work ensures that they are able to work in high risk environments safely and with high efficiency.

We want to move beyond the sphere of simple compliance.

Our objective is 100% vigilance, 100% of the time by 100% of our employees. Backwoods isalways asking, “What if something should go wrong?” This mindfulness to failure allows us to identify and control hazards before they cause harm.

Leadership Commitment:

Our work can be hazardous and difficult. This does not mean that it can’t be safe.
Our employees may be sore at the end of the day but we will GUARANTEE they will always go home to their loved ones.
This is our COMMITMENT, this is our VALUE. We stand behind our commitment with exceptional execution.
Everything we do will be to ensure we facilitate a safe work culture:

Powered by Intactix Systems

To ensure we are doing everything possible on our journey to safety excellence, we have partnered with Intactix systems. Based upon nearly 2 decades of on-the-ground research, Intactix enables us to evaluate, improve and monitor our evolving safety culture in real time.
The proprietary process sheds new light on safety performance and highlights opportunities to proactively reduce risk.

1. Mindfulness to failure
2. Organizational learning
3. Sensitivity to operations

These real time capabilities provide Backwoods with a high degree of operational sensitivity.
It allows Backwoods to achieve safety and operational excellence. Through Intactix, Backwoods is an organization with the ability to achieve high reliability, high quality, increased tool time and work in high risk environments with high efficiency.
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